Working with <span>Ash Ramachandran </span>to set the standard for male fertility care

Working with Ash Ramachandran to set the standard for male fertility care

Sapyen, Ongoing

Globally, men’s sperm counts and fertility health is declining. Too often the point of discovery occurs in the setting of crisis, or in other words — too late. Prevailing social norms means that until now, sperm health is broadly assumed and thought of as being of narrow relevance. In parallel, sperm testing remains the domain of slow and cumbersome clinical bureaucracies.

The challenge presented was how can we get men engaged in fertility health in the face of cultural resistance and major logistical barriers?

Men’s fertility is too often stigmatised and underserved despite the exponential rise in public health significance. That said, standard fertility health is powerful surrogate for overall health. We were excited to engage because Sapyen’s founders showed a rare level of technical chops, deep domain expertise and commercial rigour. Beyond this, they demonstrated a drive to mainstream a disruptive solution that would revolutionise men’s health.

Working with the founding team through the venture framework, MDMD is providing holistic brand and commercial strategy in preparation for a US launch, by delivering ground up advisory including business strategy, systems design, customer journey, user experience, brand and capital strategy.

This project is currently ongoing

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