Working with <span>Charles Wong </span>to reinstate social contract

Working with Charles Wong to reinstate social contract

Parakeet, Ongoing

Parakeet began life as ‘ZeloPay’, an API-driven platform invented to re-imagine business-to-business debt with an API-driven platform for automating, brokering and incentivising early payment. Despite having a strong team, a strong concept and the solution to a real problem, ZeloPay was struggling to crystallise its commercial path forward.

In our initial phase of work, MDMD helped the ZeloPay team to crystallise their value proposition and secure federal grant funding to support platform development. The next challenge was to articulate a commercialisation approach and brand strategy for ZeloPay’s go-to-market.

We had formed a strong and constructive rapport with the ZeloPay team, and we also felt a true values alignment. The idea at hand – reducing often-crippling business-to-business debt – had the potential to deliver significant positive impact given the downstream consequences of excess debt on SME resilience and human wellbeing.

We saw an opportunity to work with a great team at ZeloPay in securing a disruptive, dominant position for their solution to what seemed like an intractable and unsexy problem. The idea itself – reimagining business-to-business debt – resonated with our broader goal of aligning capital with human values. We were excited to examine this challenge through a psychological and social lens..

Outcomes to date:

Unencumbered federal grant funding for platform development  (Financial ROI   17:1 )

Successful go-to-market launch and establishment of first revenues

Nominated as Xero’s ‘Financial Services App of the Year’ alongside Fathom and tech unicorn AirWallex

Customer satisfaction on UX testing
0 %

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“The best thing about working with MDMD is the calibre and quality of the team. They have a genuine interest to help founders/owners succeed and had a transparent and honest approach to our engagement. Their human centric approach to branding and communications has helped us stand out in a crowded marketplace and bring our vision to life.”

Charles Wong, CEO, ZeloPay

Like to know how great strategy can change your game?