Working with <span>Julia Wilson & Torquhil Anderson </span>to bridge the breastfeeding divide

Working with Julia Wilson & Torquhil Anderson to bridge the breastfeeding divide

Minbie, Ongoing

40 years ago, as a new mother, Julia Wilson identified the realities of parenthood and the ideals of breastfeeding often didn’t match. 

In response, she developed and patented the Minbie, a world first teat that matched how new borns need to feed on the breast. 

This teat helped bridge these challenges and has been successful with parents across Australia, the UK, US and beyond.

The challenge for Minbie was to transcend organic growth. We identified the need to draw out and distill the founder narrative for the purposes of strategic storytelling. In parallel, we performed a brand audit to generate immediately actionable insights. This sought to grow revenue - particularly for Minbie’s proprietary teat and dummy. The overarching strategic intention was to align Minbie as the ‘first and only’ teat. Also, to better engage with experts and leading thinkers in the domain of infant development.

There are non-traditional founders and then there are people that break the mould. Julia Wilson is the latter. As a grandmother and sculptor she is an unlikely trailblazer in the area of medical device innovation.

We wanted to work with Julia and because of her fresh take on how to solve for modern breast feeding challenges. Also, her deep commitment to the relieving the stress and guilt that too often accompanies new parenthood

How we helped Minbie

Over a period of 6 months we undertook a series of interviews with Julia and Minbie’s managing director Torqhuil. These conversations alongside desktop research informed the founder story and FAQ assets. This in turn served as the foundation for the brand audit alongside a complete review of all Minbie’s in house materials and public facing communication.

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“We were able to work with you to hone the communication. The trust was there. You provided a very good framework. Appreciated some of the beautifully put contributions in writing.”

Julia Anderson, Founder

Like to know how great strategy can change your game?