Working with <span>Zoe Milne</span> to position AI for maximum community benefit

Working with Zoe Milne to position AI for maximum community benefit

Loop Learn, Ongoing

LoopLearn is an AI company built to help care-giving organisations monitor the wellbeing and safety of their visitors, staff and clients.

Post-launch, and with several trials in-market, the startup experienced a series of critical media impacts. A combination of television and print coverage, including interviews by industry influencers and politicians, was generating anxiety among existing and potential customers. Without a clear brand and public narrative, LoopLearn was caught in the crossfire. User-onboarding delays resulted, affecting commercial momentum and, in turn, the prospect of an effective capital raise.

MDMD undertook a review and reinforcement of business foundations in order to better align LoopLearn with near-term market opportunities. By establishing a high-level dashboard, MDMD created a line of sight between CVP [suggest writing Cost-volume-profit (CVP) in full], revenue engine and brand.

We then undertook a series of market soundings with domain policy and communications experts. This listening exercise led to a better understanding of buying drivers and hesitations. The findings informed a repositioning of LoopLearn’s narrative, which enabled the team to improve their public messaging impact and secure capital through a successful raise.

within 12 months
within 24 months
  • Feb & March 2019 LoopLearn engagement with MDMD
  • Seed raise successfully closed in December 2019
  • Successfully launched into second target market vertical in June 2020 (15 months post-engagement)

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“MDMD provided us with consulting on our brand strategy that has had a long-lasting positive effect. Mei pushed our thinking on the positioning and core structure of our brand when our target market was focused on a single vertical, successfully sowing the foundations of a brand strategy and narrative that transitions smoothly to other verticals as we scale.”

Zoe Milne, co-founder & CEO

Like to know how great strategy can change your game?